Railroad Signal Light Draftsman Prints – 6 Drawings (download)


Great for framing and hanging in your train room or office.


These classic draftsman blueprint-style drawings are from the New York Central Railroad (N.Y.C.R.R.) showing dimensions for mounting various types of railroad signaling devices.  Original drawings are from the signal departments in Cleveland and Cincinnati Ohio.  Most date back to the 1930’s and the Two-Way Semaphore drawing’s original date is March 1914.

  • Signal Clearance – Color Light Signals – 5ft. Truss Bridge
  • Signal Clearance – Color Light Signals – 7ft. Truss Bridge
  • Signal Clearance Semaphore High Signals
  • Stop Sign with Reflecting Unit
  • Track Pan Lights Assembly
  • Two-Way Single Lamp Signal Semaphore

Each drawing has been carefully scanned at a high resolution from the original print.  Retouching has been kept to a minimum to retain the flavor of the original drawing.  These would look great hanging on your office or train room wall.  Each print has been optimally sized within the downloadable PDF file to print on 8.5″ x 14″ legal size paper.  The prints can then be trimmed to fit an 8″ x 12″ frame.  But you can scale them within Adobe Reader to print at any scale you wish.  We suggest printing them on an antique finish paper for that authentic look.  Look for these size frames in craft stores marked as ‘team photo’ frames.

PDF file will be available for download as soon as your payment clears through PayPal.

Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader 8.0 or greater will be required to open the file.